Chelsie and Brad (+ little miss P)

Brad and Chelsie got engaged at Christmas in Gatlinburg, TN and are planning to return to the beautiful location to say their vows in September of 2012. These two are such sweet and easy-going people and they were wonderful at cuddling in front of the camera (always a plus in my book!). The ring is stunning and the bride-to-be is gorgeous too. Her eyes just kill me! Their little mini was pretty darling too. I'm a sucker for blue-eyed littles. And that blonde hair! No wonder Daddy's wrapped around her little finger. Congratulations to your beautiful little family. I wish you the very best and it was my absolute pleasure to spend the (almost rainy, but perfect) evening with y'all! Hope to see you again soon!




Saturday, July 23, 2011

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